Business Dinner

We joined the Scottsville/Allen County Chamber of Commerce earlier this year. I have been wondering since we joined if there were ever going to be any functions since Covid took an upswing with the D Variant as it has. Well, got an invite to the 9th annual Business Dinner and we couldn’t pass it up. It was held at a place called Dugas Community Park, which is a lovely, well-kept, public park. They had really good food and a lot of interesting people. We sat at the same table with our state representative and his wife (they are awesome people btw). We were able to do quite a bit of networking even though Nate and I both felt really awkward amongst all those important people. I will say it was an extremely good exercise in getting to meet new people. We passed out a few cards and I hope this helps our business prospects in the future. Most of all, it was great to meet some of the people that make our community work.

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