Business Dinner

We joined the Scottsville/Allen County Chamber of Commerce earlier this year. I have been wondering since we joined if there were ever going to be any functions since Covid took an upswing with the D Variant as it has. Well, got an invite to the 9th annual Business Dinner and we couldn’t pass it up. It was held at a place called Dugas Community Park, which is a lovely, well-kept, public park. They had really good food and a lot of interesting people. We sat at the same table with our state representative and his wife (they are awesome people btw). We were able to do quite a bit of networking even though Nate and I both felt really awkward amongst all those important people. I will say it was an extremely good exercise in getting to meet new people. We passed out a few cards and I hope this helps our business prospects in the future. Most of all, it was great to meet some of the people that make our community work.

First Gig

We did our first job yesterday. It was a non-paying job, but, still a job nonetheless. We’ve been looking for opportunities to build our portfolio. Mostly doing photos and video clips of around the house, lake, and town areas. Just looking for things that look pretty, or, interesting. Well, made contact with the person that is in charge of the Allen County Fair earlier this week (SCORE!!). He was super cool about letting us come and do our thing… and on DEMOLITION DERBY NIGHT of all nights. We, of course, let him know that he was welcome to any of the pics, or, the footage we took to use for future promotion of the fair and town. I can’t say that it could have gone any better. We learned a lot about what we are capable of and what we need to improve on. Also met some really cool people after the event that gave us their email addresses and wanted us to send them links to our social media. I think that was the best part of the whole thing. Knowing that people were interested in what we were doing there. I’m sending out those emails tomorrow, just needed to flesh out the website a little so they had something to see when they went there. I’ll have business cards next time lol. Thanks, friends.