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We are a startup company based in Scottsville, Kentucky. We fly both photography and FPV (first-person view) drones. We specialize in making basic aerial videos and photographs. As we grow, we hope to expand our equipment inventory to specialize in more sophisticated services.

We can also do photo editing to make your scene pop. We aim to please. Take a look at what we have in our portfolio so far and if you like what you see, we may be able to fulfill your needs.


Nate has been flying since 2017. Both photography and FPV drones. He is a husband, father, son, and mentor. He has also been an ambassador for the drone hobby, promoting it whenever possible. He is very active on social media under the FPV handle Dr. Steele. He is currently piloting a DJI Mavic Pro and various home-built FVP drones. He has done many photos and videos for friends and family and for social media. Visit him on Instagram and YouTube under his handle Dr. Steele to witness some of his artwork and on Facebook under his name Nathaniel Clark.

Rob has been flying multirotor drones for two years. Photography for two years and FPV freestyle race drones for the last year. He grew up in Kansas City Missouri and is a father of two. He is currently flying the DJI Air 2S. He has also built his own FVP drones. He is FAA part 107 certified and is working on his portfolio to promote himself and Nate for real estate and other aspects of aerial photography and videography.

This is what we fly:



DJI Mavic Pro


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Phone: (270) 308-2188


First Gig

We did our first job yesterday. It was a non-paying job, but, still a job nonetheless. We’ve been looking for opportunities to build our portfolio. Mostly doing photos and video clips of around the house, lake, and town areas. Just looking for things that look pretty, or, interesting. Well, made contact with the person that …